Drive Thru Only KFC - Is A 'Drive Thru Only' Future Inclusive?

In the city of Newcastle, we have Australia’s first drive thru only KFC.

When I have raised the issue in the past people seem caught up on the idea it’s ‘fast food.’ I could care less what the store is or what it sells.

If you strip away, the layers and look at the core function of this site, it sells a product to those who drive, and appears to refuse to serve those who can’t drive.

How is it acceptable to build and operate an establishment that excludes the visually impaired or anyone who arrives on foot?

I fear that this system could be adopted by other fast food franchisees, or even adapted to other industries and exclude minority groups like those who can’t drive.

I have in the past reached out for comment but my questions around accessibility and accommodating those who can’t drive remain unanswered.

If you ask KFC over the phone they have stated in the past that it’s a ‘safety issue.’

It’s worth mentioning this site is located very close to a train station and the Newcastle Entertainment Centre.

People who can’t drive from disability usually have limited access to transportation, and a trip to another store is expensive or inaccessible to them.

Do you think this is right, ignore the fact that it’s fast food for a moment, do you believe a ‘drive thru’ only establishment is within its rights to deny service to those who can’t drive?

That is actually a very good point for sure! I wonder what’s to come and what that means and what is to come in the future. Maybe they should operate a delivery service for those who need it. Cheaper than a building and can help those around them.