Nystagmus affecting Govt job seekers in India

Hi All ,

Today, i want share my Experience ,as a Job seeker,

i live in India, and Having Nystagmus,
To tell frankly Nystagmus not known to any one in my Area/Village, we dont have any community or awareness groups to discuss /express my feelings ,

Even i dont know that the problem i am facing called as nystagmus , Until my graduation study,When i started using internet to search and understand ,
Even i dont want to explain my problem to any one , because no can’t able understand , Because they don’t know how it feels to live with nystagmus, If we try to Explain them ,they are thinking like

  1. we are comming up with reason to reduce our work given by them ,
    2.they may listen to you ,but dont take seriously as that us not their problems
    3.Even parents will listen and understand your problem but they dont know the solution so they can’t able to help ,

these will finaly create a situation to stop the Studies.
or getting a bad grades as we cant able read the things from books or seethe board to understand,

Coming back to the point about job seeker Stage,
Some how I have Completed my graduation ,
Now i need a Job to stand in the Society by My self,

In india we have the Caste based reservation System and
So getting a Govt job is not any Easy thing ,
So i thought i can apply for the jobs which have the specific Qualifications, which i have attained in my graduation,

I have Found one Notication which is specifically application to graduated people with specific technical Skills ,

when was about to Apply for that Position ,
i am surprised to see on point in the Notification,
Which says
Reasons of Permanent Rejection as below
Any degree of Nystagmus/Squint,

that means the people belonging to nystagmus/Squint eyes will be rejected at the final level of selection ,

i dont have any words after seeing this point in the Notification,
i cant able to share this situation to my friends or family as they dont have nystagmus to understand or no one knows the solution for any kind of problem from nystagmus people ,

Any one from India are present in this Community?
Please Advice me in this Situation.
Attached the Screenshot of the Notification
refer the point K.

[Uploading: Screenshot_20210219-105002.png…]

Hi Jagadeesh,

Thanks for joining use here on the mde community. We are sorry to hear about your stuggles with finding employment.

Your best option would be to see a medical professional such as an opthamologist for a formal diagnosis.

Then utilise any disability services avaliable in india.

Hi Matthew,
Yes i will Visit my Eyes specialist Regularly ,
he was telling like ,"" its a nervous problem we dont have any surgery to fix the nystagmus,
but you can also reduce the Eye ball moment by being as peaceful as possible with any tensions ,

when you feel tension you can’t able to do any work depending on your Eyes ,

So Dont feel any tensions and be clam every moment , ignore the things which will get you nervousness/tense ,
so that you can Control the Eye moment and that wont effect any of your professional life ,""

Coming back to the
Disability Category we have reservations for totally blind people or half blind (one eyed peoples)
but not for the peoples like us :pensive:

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Hi , I am also from India. I have 40% visually handicape certificate for reservation in govt. Job.

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