Can’t be Dizzy is that normal?

I can spin as many circles as I want, but I never get dizzy. Is that normal? And how is that possible?
(Sorry as my English is bad)
I have nystagmus

yes Even though our Eyes Rotate as many circles we dont get any dizzy ness ,
but these will cause head ache sometimes

please dont try to rorate as many times as you wish , its a abnormality we have and you have Adjust your way of life ,

dont try to proove your self like i can rotate these manay times ,

that type of behavior will cause more permanent effects .
its just my opinion

Hey Charlotte,

Welcome to our community, it’s great to have you here.

I have experienced what you are talking about. When we were working on our documentray we tried a small un-offical experiment for fun in the room, we had everone spin on a office chair and then try to walk in a strtaight line, most failed, but I was able to walk straight consistently.

Not sure of the science behind it, and I must stress im not a medical professional however when we discover more about what you’ve described we will share more.

As always, never substitute the information on our site for that of a trained medical professional, and always see your doctor if you think your vision changes.

Best Regards