Covid-19 & Visual Impairments, How's It Going?

Hi All,

I’d love to hear how you are going working or studying from home during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

What issues have you run into, how have you solved them?
What advice would you have for people?

My Experience

I’ve found the experience to be disconnecting and somewhat Isolating, I actually miss the classroom. However the change to studying from home has meant that resources are now all digital, replay-able and can be adapted, so I can take the PDF version and enlarge it or use text-to-speech to read work to me if needed.

It’s been alright. My community college had to switch over to fully online class months back when this started which totally threw me off. I’m much better in the classroom than I am in an online setting. I ended up deciding to switch majors and since I wasn’t doing so well in the 2 classes anyway, I decided to withdrawal from them. Luckily it was an excused withdrawal so it won’t count against me but it still kinda sucks. Especially since my local college is remaining entirely online for the next semester so whatever classes I take will have to be online so I guess I’ll just suck it up! Hopefully work starts up again soon. I’m going crazy.

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Hey, welcome to the community. Sorry to hear about your experiences with college. I’ve had similar experiences with learning institutions not adapting very well.

How do you go, transportation wise?

Thanks! I’m one of the lucky ones and can drive. But I live so close to the college that I walk. I try not to drive if I don’t have to. I’ve been driving a little over a year and still get driving anxiety and as I’m sure you know anxiety and nystagmus don’t mix well! Lol.

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Hey Will, thanks for sharing your thoughts with the community.

This is one of the hardest moments of my life! I’m in the middle of my last semester at Grad School (receiving my Masters of Fine Art) and covid has really put a damper in my life. Not only am I visually impaired, but I’m also in a long distance relationship with my fiancé, as well as living on my own and social distancing… I’m so alone.

So not being able to touch others (my love language is touch) and not being able to lean kinesthetically is REALLY hard.

I also absolutely despise online learning, so that doesn’t help.

I have been making art about this loss of touch as a visually impaired person! These will be found in my MFA thesis exhibition in May.