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Welcome to the My Dancing Eyes online community. This is a space for everybody to share, teach and support one another. It’s free to join!

Who is this site for?


  • People born/living with Nystagmus and low vision.
  • Parents/caregivers with a child with Nystagmus.
  • Teachers and educators.
  • medical professionals
  • members of the community.
  • policy makers

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No, membership is free.

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  • Bullying, Sexism, Misogyny, Misandry, Racism or Xenophobia will have you removed and banned.
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Always Seek Professional Advice

Always seek the advice of trained medical professional. This community is not run by medical professionals. Information here is provided without warranty or guarantee.

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We want this space to be safe and inclusive for all, if something concerns you or you feel you are unfairly being targeted please report it.

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