Nystagmus affecting job seekers Even in private sector in India

i am a job seeker in india, After the i see disappointment for Govt , i have started to look for the job in private sector as Software engineer,

usually i will Qualify in the online/ writen exam as first round of section process in IT sector,
but in 2nd Second Round as the personal interview stage , i will fail as usual because we have to make Eye contact with interviewer to express our level of confidence from our side,but as that place or Situation include with lot of nervous ness / tension,my eye wont be in my control ,
that gives a bad impression as
they think i am trying to make fun of them
they are getting irritation form my eyes moment ,
they directly tell like ,
how will you work if cant even see the perfect object infront of you from screen ,

Even thought i explain the situation ,
they will come with other reasons to Reject

Same situations are happening again and again in my life up to now