Should I Tell My Date I Have Nystagmus?

I saw this question arise recently in an online community.

Personally I wouldn’t mention it straight away, I don’t think it’s important. I remember receiving some advice once of a lady who shared her thoughts and she pointed out that if you share any condition you have, you are only putting yourself down, or bringing unwanted attention to an issue that shouldn’t be an issue.

Don’t mention it, unless it’s raised.

When I’ve been on dates and my date has said “oh your eyes move?” - I’ve simply followed up by stating:

“Yeah they do that, they dance around a bit, it’s an eye condition that I have”.

People ask because they are curious and usually have no bad intentions. It’s not something that should impact your relationship and if it does, the person is likely shallow.

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I am VERY proud of this condition. It has given me so much strength and understanding in life. I have always been outward about my nystagmus you my partners. I will even mention it to an employer or a teacher so that they can understand a really big part about me. I have found if I don’t mention it then I get asked questions and most people do not know how to ask their questions, resulting in awkward conversation. So to avoid this I just openly and confidently tell people. Especially dates!

My now fiancé was fascinated to learn about it on our first date, and he even brags to people about my eyes and my accomplishments!

My advice is to be proud and confident of your differences! They make you YOU!