Slow and Steady

Hello everyone! My name is Lisa and I have congenital horizontal nystagmus. (Apparently my left eye also does some vertical but unsure.) I am currently 39 years old and rebuilding a life after two car accidents where I was rear ended in 2015 (one in March of 2015 and one in September of that same year). Before then I had managed to graduate high school marginally, graduate college with my ASN and BSN respectively with high honors, and work as a pediatric nurse. I am also hard of hearing so being a nurse was a challenge from both the aspect of my eyes and also my hearing. My world is a sensory deprived one, but I have truly worked through so much to grow in this world and find joy. After the accidents in 2015 I suffered chronic pain, migraines, and then seizures starting in 2019. The set backs were major. However, I have worked at what I can do currently and be thankful for what I used to do. I am working with different agencies to begin to work again from losing my career after the accidents. I don’t believe I can ever drive again, but an Ophthalmologist is hopeful for surgery that originally I was told I was “too old” for so we shall see. My seizures are now in control thankfully and I am getting hearing aids to help (I hear my world like the following sentence “re I Ice” instead of “three blind mice”. I am moving forward and finding the things I am good at. Currently I am an online host for my church and a group leader. Photography is a passion of mine as well as sketching. I can’t pick out people in a room, but I certainly can welcome people in chats on the online platform, sketch, and capture beautiful scenery and candid shots.
I’ve had too many tragedies to name in my life and countless support I am thankful for as I navigate this world. I’m learning to trust and live in this big world… running slow and steady… life is not a race, it’s an ever winding journey and I am thankful to be here.

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Hey Lisa,

It’s so great to have you in our community, welcome!

I’m deeply sorry to hear about the car accidents, I was also the victim of a serious assult earlier this year whilst walking to the grocery store.

I had my nose broken, eye socket fractured. Lacerations to my eye and likely some ongoing damage to my eyes drainage system, likely requiring medication in the future to maintain pressure.

It’s unfair, but your strength to continue and thrive is inspiring and exactly the message other people with Nystagmus can benefit from.

Thanks again, and we can’t wait to hear more thoughts from you!

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I am so sorry to hear that. Hurt and broken people hurting other people breaks my heart truly. Hugs from over here, my friend and glad to see you getting back up after being knocked down. We can’t control what is going on around us, but we can control ourselves and our attitudes about what is happening around us.

  • Lisa
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