Why Aren't Large Print Books Really A Thing?

So I know large print books are a thing, but why aren’t large print textbooks really a thing?

I have trouble reading off my computer screen thus I use a textbook but the writing in the textbook is too small even with my magnifier. I can’t always rely on my shitty free text to speech program (free).

Hey William,

Welcome to the community, great to have you here!

Large prints books can be made available through your high school/TAFE or UNI disability unit.

I can recall in High School large print books being made avaliable via my vision support teacher. Now in University this can be done through the disability unit. In my case now they source this as a digital file for me to access.

Copyright can be an issue for this, I can recall last year they provided me a PDF with a password. They warned me not to share it.

Also have a look into tech such as Clearnote or IPEVO, which seems to do the same thing these days.